Hi, I am Charity Beth Long

I'm a food and travel photographer living in the outskirts of the DC Baltimore region. My home is in West Virginia and that means I'm lucky that I can go from mountain trails to city skylines in an hour's time!

I have a passion for food, especially recipes that have been handed down for generations. But I have an equal love of exploring interesting tourism spots and great restaurants.

Everywhere I look there's a story about the foods we eat and the cities they come from. In the end, it's a story about the people that created these memorable experiences.

So, when I'm not working on my blog Vintage Kitty creating new recipes and crafts, I'm out discovering the world of panoramic views and unique flavors.

Asparagus with Radishes and Pansies Food Photography by Charity Beth Long

Capturing Moments

Light, details, emotions

Whether I'm shooting food or travel, my goal as a photographer is to capture the story.

When I look through the lens I am stitching together colors, finding how the light falls, discovering the beautiful details present in the scene and ultimately, recording an image that evokes an emotional response.

Contact me to learn how I can help you tell your brand's story!